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Day number: 1, mid-morning Location: Hogwarts entry hall Character:…

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Day number: 1, mid-morning
Location: Hogwarts entry hall
Character: McGonagall(100)
Reply: Luna, Hermione, any others that're left that feel like joining.

"Of course Miss Granger," the professor replied and watched with satisfaction as Luna joined as well. 

It was a decent sized party, not too small, not too big that it would make exploration difficult.  She'd certainly dealt with larger groups of students before. 

"Step lively now and keep an eye out.  We'll hurry on up to Dumbledore's office and see if we can't sort this whole mess out."

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On October 2nd, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC), insufferable_hg commented:
As they made their way out of the hall and down the corridor, Hermione felt her wand under her robes with the fingers on her right hand. She recited to herself all of the defensive spells she could remember, and she tried to imagine scenarios in which she might have to protect herself and her colleagues. It wasn't difficult. Her years at Hogwarts had given her many chances to practice defense against the dark arts, and she'd come face to face with more than one dangerous magical creature.

She gave Luna a nervous smile. "A strange mess, this."
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