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Day number: 1, mid-morning Location: En route to the cheerful little…

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Day number: 1, mid-morning
Location: En route to the cheerful little dungeons and Snape's office
Character: George(100)
Reply: Fred, Snape, anyone else not in a group yet.


So much for family sticking together.  Ginny hadn't been interested in sticking by her wonderful older brothers and had opted instead to follow McGonagall and a couple of the buggy younger students.  Ah well.  Her loss really.  Unfortunately, that left just Fred and himself to deal with the potions master and his large, beaky nose.  Well, two against two, he supposed that was fair.  He smirked to himself. 

Fred seemed to have relaxed a little since their arrival, which helped George to relax as well.  Nothing too out of the ordinary had happened, aside from the whole 'everyone is a different age now' bit.  Just a big empty castle.  The adults were paranoid and the kiddies were too busy spooking themselves to notice.  Maybe he and Fred could sneak in a joke or two when they all met up again and ease the tension a bit. 

"Ah, I know this hallway all too well," George said, a hint of fondness in his voice.

"Too true, too true," echoed Fred.  He grinned at Snape, "I suppose you wouldn't remember yelling 'You two idiots!  Detention!'"  He barely waited for a response before shaking his head, "no, I suppose you wouldn't."

George laughed quietly, "Well it also means he doesn't remember that time when we..."  He wiggled his eyebrows a bit as a hint to his brother.

"Ah yes, yes," said Fred, catching on quickly, "Loathe as I'd be to play the same prank twice, it wouldn't really count if he didn't remember us playing it, would it."

George glanced over at the professor.  "What do you suppose we'll find down here, eh?  Think old Trelawney's babblings hold any water?" 

Fred chimed in right behind him.  "Keepin' any skeletons in the closet?  Er, dungeon, as it were?"
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On October 13th, 2006 01:31 am (UTC), half_redeemed commented:
Snape gave the twins the sort of disdainful look he normally reserved for obstreperous plumbing. Well, he'd certainly played the, 'talk like they don't have ears' game himself. He wasn't about to let it get on his nerves.

...just having to be around people at all got on his nerves enough already.

"Unless Trelawney's mental diarrhea has gotten better with age, no," he said. "A sieve would hold water more effectively." He didn't even deign to notice the second comment; he went striding down the hall ahead. He was more concerned at what that woman might have upset if she had been poking around in his sanctuary.
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On October 13th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC), foxy_fred commented:
Back in the springtime of their youth, that scary Snape look might've been frightening. On a good day. Now it was just kind of funny. Though neither of them could keep from a snort or two after Snape's comment.

"Well said," Fred nodded as Snape took the lead, hurrying down the hallway. He could always appreciate some mockery at someone else's expense, especially when it was worded so nicely, however, he, nor George could easily forget the things this man had done. Or rather, the things he would do.

"So what are we looking for exactly? Ghosts and goblins aren't exactly uncommon around Hogwarts." Fred commented once he'd fallen into an even stride that matched Snape's.

"Well I suppose we should find what old Dumblydore wanted us here for. The whole thing is a mite suspicious. Any thoughts Snap-i-kins?"

"Yes, yes," Fred smiled, "Do we get to have a looksee around the old dungeon? Pinch some fun potions... er, all in the name of solving the mystery of course."
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On October 13th, 2006 02:08 am (UTC), half_redeemed commented:
"I've no idea what we're looking for, aside from the figments of a mad woman's imagination," Snape said bitterly. He glanced at George, his eyebrow slightly raised. He refused to let the flippant attitude get under his skin yet. If he could withstand torture and vile depravity, he could withstand the flippant attitude of two snot-nosed reprobates. "I would be curious as to what the headmaster might want you for," he said.
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On October 13th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC), wily_g_weasley commented:
"Ho ho!" George grinned. Old Snapey was trying to insult them now too? "Now who wouldn't want us?"

"S'right," Fred chimed in, "Wouldn't be a proper party without the Weasley twins."

George nodded solemnly, though the effect was a bit spoiled by Fred's sniggering. "We may not look it good sir, but we're quite the fearsome pair. Wizards from all over quake in fear at the slightest mention of Fred and or George Weasley. Almost as frighting as old You-know-who."
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On October 13th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC), half_redeemed commented:
"You'll have to forgive me, but I somehow doubt that," Snape said. One of his shoulders twitched, just slightly. "I'm sure that you're nice enough... young men, but you haven't the level of depravity to descend to." He turned a corner and paused.

"Now that is curious," he said, reaching to to tap the picture frame. The picture was frozen in it, wearing a look of abject horror. "Can't say I much respect modern artists." He started walking again.
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On October 13th, 2006 04:23 am (UTC), bat_bogey_gmw commented:
(OOC: DOH! I forgot about the twins, damn, don't worry Shannon I'll make sure Ginny wishes she was with her Double mint brothers. I was so caught up in actually posting that is slipped my mind. I mean,how fun can Luna and Hermione actually be, right? )
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On October 17th, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC), foxy_fred commented:
Fred wasn't sure if he should consider that an insult or a compliment. He cast a sidelong glance at his brother, but George was quiet. Before he could gather his wits for a suitable response, the old potions master pointed out one of the many portraits. Wasn't moving, which was a tad off. They were just like regular muggle pictures. "Huh," was his only reply.

George gave the picture a long look as they passed, "Looks like he caught a glimpse of Mum first thing in the morning eh Fred?"

"That or Percy just gave him a good talking to," Fred laughed.
* * *
On October 27th, 2006 03:05 am (UTC), half_redeemed commented:
Snape, his back to the twins, rolled his eyes. The cheerful banter certainly didn't fit the gravity of the situation. He would have much preferred to go by himself. And he was beginning to feel like he was completely surrounded by redheaded blackguards, between these two, the girl, and the young man that had rather stridently taken charge.

Down another hall, two more flights of stairs, and then left. His classroom, and his only sanctuary. The door was open a crack, and he found that worrying. Hopefully no one had made a mess. He opened the door fully, but there wasn't enough light in the hall to illuminate more than a few feet inside. The torches were out inside, and hadn't come up on his own. Muttering direly undeneath his breath, he set to lighting them, one by one, using a short spell.
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On October 27th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC), wily_g_weasley commented:
This had all been rather pointless. George sniffed as he walked into Snape's classroom. Not even a body anywhere or blood on the walls or any of the things that'd been common during half their stay at hogwarts. A bit disappointing really. Coming out all this way just to look at some darkened dungeons walls and empty tables. Fred followed him closely and seemed to be of the same opinion. Nothing interesting.

"Well the world hasn't spun too far off its axis," George commented.

"Yeah, Trelawney's still as nutty as ever," Fred explained.

And we've still no idea what Snape's real agenda is, George thought. He was still just as suspicious of the man as he'd ever been. Being a few years younger wasn't going to erase the things the man had done in their time... if it really was all different times... George shook his head and set about examining the room with a little more diligence. Fred soon followed suit, but they still came up with nothing. Which was quite sad really. No evidence to condemn their nasty little potions master.

"Nothing," Fred announced as he sat in one of the student chairs and dusted his trousers off. George pulled a chair as well, flipping it around backward before sitting. It was curious to be sure. Not so much as a stray drop of blood. Ah well.

"You sure you're not holding out on us? No secret passages? Nothing?" George sighed. "I wonder if the others've found anything interesting." He was starting to get hungry as well. "Or any food for that matter."

Fred nodded in agreement. The cup of coffee he'd had this morning wasn't doing much for him now. "Wonder if they were kind enough to leave us somethin' to snack on while we're here saving the day and all that."

* * *
On October 27th, 2006 08:21 pm (UTC), half_redeemed commented:
"I think the fact that Professor Trelawney is utterly mad is indication that there's some semblance of sanity in the world," Snape remaked. He headed toward the corner of the room where the door to his office was and opened it, lighting the torches in there, too.

This time, he frowned. It looked about right, but was far messier than he would ever leave his office. "Shocking," he said. But to be honest, he felt vaguely violated by the indication that someone had been in his office. He moved inside and began to carefully adjust things back to their proper places.
* * *
On November 10th, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC), foxy_fred commented:
Apparently there was no time for snacks. At least not as far as old Snapey was concerned. Fred weaved between the tables and chairs to follow the instructor to his office and peered in. Stories were often told of the dark dungeon of an office and the mysterious going-ons that took place within during some student's unfortunate detention. George was close behind him and he ducked down a little, so his brother could see too. It was a little disappointing to be honest. There were papers and little bric-a-brac scattered around and a few potions and ingredients he could name, as well as several he couldn't. Not all that exciting. Bollocks. No blood or bodies or anything. Then again, Snape wasn't the type to leave evidence lying around either. It did smell funny though.

"Nothing here either," Fred said with a frown.

George shook his head, "Some adventure this is shaping up to be."
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