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Day number: 1, mid-morning Location: En route to the cheerful little…

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Day number: 1, mid-morning
Location: En route to the cheerful little dungeons and Snape's office
Character: George(100)
Reply: Fred, Snape, anyone else not in a group yet.


So much for family sticking together.  Ginny hadn't been interested in sticking by her wonderful older brothers and had opted instead to follow McGonagall and a couple of the buggy younger students.  Ah well.  Her loss really.  Unfortunately, that left just Fred and himself to deal with the potions master and his large, beaky nose.  Well, two against two, he supposed that was fair.  He smirked to himself. 

Fred seemed to have relaxed a little since their arrival, which helped George to relax as well.  Nothing too out of the ordinary had happened, aside from the whole 'everyone is a different age now' bit.  Just a big empty castle.  The adults were paranoid and the kiddies were too busy spooking themselves to notice.  Maybe he and Fred could sneak in a joke or two when they all met up again and ease the tension a bit. 

"Ah, I know this hallway all too well," George said, a hint of fondness in his voice.

"Too true, too true," echoed Fred.  He grinned at Snape, "I suppose you wouldn't remember yelling 'You two idiots!  Detention!'"  He barely waited for a response before shaking his head, "no, I suppose you wouldn't."

George laughed quietly, "Well it also means he doesn't remember that time when we..."  He wiggled his eyebrows a bit as a hint to his brother.

"Ah yes, yes," said Fred, catching on quickly, "Loathe as I'd be to play the same prank twice, it wouldn't really count if he didn't remember us playing it, would it."

George glanced over at the professor.  "What do you suppose we'll find down here, eh?  Think old Trelawney's babblings hold any water?" 

Fred chimed in right behind him.  "Keepin' any skeletons in the closet?  Er, dungeon, as it were?"
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On October 13th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC), foxy_fred commented:
Back in the springtime of their youth, that scary Snape look might've been frightening. On a good day. Now it was just kind of funny. Though neither of them could keep from a snort or two after Snape's comment.

"Well said," Fred nodded as Snape took the lead, hurrying down the hallway. He could always appreciate some mockery at someone else's expense, especially when it was worded so nicely, however, he, nor George could easily forget the things this man had done. Or rather, the things he would do.

"So what are we looking for exactly? Ghosts and goblins aren't exactly uncommon around Hogwarts." Fred commented once he'd fallen into an even stride that matched Snape's.

"Well I suppose we should find what old Dumblydore wanted us here for. The whole thing is a mite suspicious. Any thoughts Snap-i-kins?"

"Yes, yes," Fred smiled, "Do we get to have a looksee around the old dungeon? Pinch some fun potions... er, all in the name of solving the mystery of course."
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